We're expecting the shipment of our full Easter range around the beginning of March.   The eggs displayed are what we have on the ship and will be here soon.
Great Value for money - Massive Smooth and creamy GALAXY® chocolate, lovingly created to melt in your mouth.Why have cotton when you can have silk?®.
Can't have christmas without them :)
This elegant Thorntons’ milk chocolate egg is a real Easter treat all on its own but for the nutty ones amongst your friends and family, it is extra special.Hidden inside the box are a bag of 6 nut and praline milk and dark chocolates. Try all of the exquisite choices; milk brazil, praline duet and nutty caramel.
Cadbury Dairy Milk Giant Buttons are shareable bags of fun shaped milk chocolate. You might even say they're bags of grown up fun. Made with quality Fairtrade cocoa and milk fresh as the stars in these round shaped pieces.
Discover the secret of the Black Magic box.
Beech's Luxury Dark Chocolate Brazils that are beautifully presented in a sleek box.  Each succulent whole Brazil nuts are lavishly covered in a rich dark delicious chocolate.   Only the finest chocolate and hand picked crunchy nuts.   Suitable for vegetarians - 100% natural ingredients, all  Beech's chocolates  are gluten free   

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