Angel Delight is a classic, easy to make dessert:) Simply add milk, whisk it up and leave it in the fridge to cool, then serve for a delicious treat for adults and children alike!
Chocolate Flavour Dessert Mix. Whip up with fresh milk fluffy and light.
Light and fluffy. Made in an instant! Kids and Adults love it .....
Great as a crumble sooo easy - english apples too yum water, apples (33%), blackberries (12%), sugar, modified maize starch, colour (E163), flavour
Lyles Black treacle adds a rich and sweet flavouring to your favorite recipes. From gingerbread to treacle tarts Black treacle can also be added to sauces casseroles and to marinate delicious cooked meats. Try it on delightful barbecues and toffee puddings.
Ambrosia Creamed Tapioca is a sweet, creamy dessert with a generous portion of tapioca thrown in for good measure. A favourite among kids and grown-ups alike, this dessert is simply made from full cream milk, skimmed milk, whey and (of course) tapioca.The great joy of Ambrosia Creamed Tapioca is its simplicity and convenience – any time you have...

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