Drench Citrus Juice Drink 500ml B.B.D April 21

Drench Citrus Juice Drink 500ml B.B.D April 21 SALE


$1.00 $3.00

Still Mandarin & Lemon Juice Drink

Welcome to this refreshing bottle of Drench juicy water.

Big powerful juices.

Crisp water.

No preservatives or artificial colours invited.

No artificial sweeteners needed.

What a dilemma - healthy water, or tasty juice? Which to go for? Well now you don't have to decide - as Drench juicy water offers tastebud tingling flavours with no preservatives or artificial colours. And with the addition of sugar and naturally sourced Stevia, it has no artificial sweeteners either! Just big powerful juices and crisp water. So whether you are sitting at your work desk, or on the go, enjoy one of our delicious three flavours without compromise. Accredited suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians by the Vegetarian Society.