Greens Classic Crumble Mix 280g

Greens Classic Crumble Mix 280g



Make the perfect crumble topping with Green’s classic crumble mix. Our ready made crumble mix is quick and easy to make. It’ll taste like you’ve spent hours in the kitchen — all you have to do is add your filling of choice!

This pre-made crumble topping is the ideal for anyone looking to quickly put together a sweet, delicious, crunchy, crumbly treat.

  • Can you buy crumble mix to add to any crumble recipe? Of course you can. This product is a great substitute for the real thing, and tastes just as good. 
  • Great with lashings of custard or cream
  • Perfect for new or inexperienced bakers
  • Ready in minutes
  • Makes up to 6 servings