Mars Large Egg
Mars Large Egg

Product type: EASTER

Vendor: MARS



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Mars Large Easter Egg a British-Made Hollow Milk Chocolate Egg and two scrumptious Mars Bars with Milk chocolate covering a soft nougat and caramel center…Yum!

The Mars Bar is revered as a long standing classic in the UK… It has been available to consumers for over 80 years. The recipe has remained largely unchanged during that time: nougat and caramel covered in milk chocolate.

Mars Bars are a satisfyingly hefty portion… One bar really will fill a gap and keep you going through until lunchtime. They are also an excellent pick me up if you are doing some sport and need the extra energy. This delicious British Milk Chocolate Egg and mars bars will keep even the most enthusiastic chocolate lover going for a good while.

Mars Large Egg is a hollow Milk Chocolate Easter Egg including two chocolate bars in the package from the Mars Company in Britain.