Quality Street The Big Purple One 352g

Quality Street The Big Purple One 352g



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Know someone who's favourite is the Purple One? Then this novel gift will be the perfect magic moment for them.

Each gift pack contains a generous portion of Purple Ones which contain no artificial colours flavours or preservatives and no hydrogenated vegetable oils.


Quality Street Purely Purple Ones are the decadent Nestle milk chocolates filled with crunchy hazelnuts and rich caramel.


These fun, individually wrapped chocolates melt away in your mouth, and provide a crunchy texture from the hazelnuts and a smooth river of luscious caramel.

  • The Purple One is the most famous sweet from the Quality Street® family. Our iconic sweets were born in when 1936 John Macintosh, the owner of a successful confectionery business in Norwich, sold a deliciously chewy new toffee invented by his wife. When his son inherited the business, he soon created a range of sweets in beautiful wrappers that everyone could enjoy - and Quality Street® was born. Our sweets have been made in Halifax in Yorkshire since 1936, but they are enjoyed all over the world by lovers of delicious chocolate.
  • Unwrap this Purple One, reveal a treasure trove of your favourite Quality Street® sweets, and create memorable moments this festive season.