Persil Bio Family Pack 40 Washes 2.6g

Persil Bio Family Pack 40 Washes 2.6g



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Persil Bio Washing Powder removes stains the first time. Persil Bio Washing Powder removes stains even in a quick wash. Biological washing powder containing enzymes for effective stain removal. Wash Booster Technology in our washing detergent helps remove the toughest stains like grease, mud and chocolate ice-cream. Persil Bio Washing Powder uses the effective formula that works efficiently even at lower temperatures. Have you tried the full Persil Bio range? Also available in liquid, capsules and powergems.For fast, effective stain removal, Persil Bio Washing Powder is the perfect choice. This bio washing powder removes tough stains, even in a quick wash. Persil biological washing powder contains enzymes that break down stains and help lift them from fabrics. The enzymes in biological cleaners work efficiently at lower temperatures, which means you can achieve great stain removal with Persil bio, even in a cool wash. This powder is brilliant at removing a great variety of common stains, including mud, grass and grease stains. With an effective formula for stain removal and long-lasting fragrance, Persil biological washing powder is a great washing powder to have in your cupboard, especially if you?ve got kids around! How to use: Follow these instructions for optimum results when using Persil washing powder. Add the washing powder into the dispenser drawer (see pack for full dosing instructions) and check the care labels on your garments before selecting the appropriate wash cycle and temperature. This washing powder can be used for both machine washing and hand washing. If washing clothes manually, follow the instructions on the pack and dissolve the washing powder completely in water. Always test the colourfastness of any new coloured clothes before laundering, and wash light, dark, and coloured clothing separately to avoid fading or colour run.