Push Pop Dipperz Strawberry 12g

Push Pop Dipperz Strawberry 12g



Push Pop Dipperz Strawberry Popping Candy & Lollipop 12g 48pk

The fun of a push pop lolly but now in a bag! Dip a delicious strawberry lollipop in a zingy lemon popping sweet powder to create a taste sensation you’ll never forget.

Bazooka Push Pop Dipperz Lollipops with Popping Candy are like no other lollipop and are perfect sweets for sharing with friends, as part of a party bag filler, birthday treats, holiday get together or just at home with the family, perfect for kids and adults alike. Bazooka Sweet Brands offers an extensive range of sweet treats for every occasion. Our Push Pop Dipperz are a lemon flavoured Popping Candy fill with a strawberry flavoured hard sweet lollipop to dip.