1.2kg TIN to keep your sewing kit in after the family have all dipped in. Which one is your favourite???? YUM. 
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Decorate your tree with 14 Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate individually foil wrapped tree decorations. Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate and caramel chocolate tree decorations.
Beech’s Chocolate Ginger is finest stem ginger dipped in Beechs own recipe, thick dark chocolate. 
Our own traditional recipe of Marzipan dating back to the 1930's gently enrobed with thick dark chocolate. 
A Beautiful Gift Wafer thin pieces of mint fondant wrapped in dark chocolate, each in their own crisp envelope, presented in a Beautiful Keepsake tin:) Today, AFTER EIGHT continues to be a firm British favourite with over 280m individual sweets enjoyed every year in the UK.
It's the creamy dairy butter in Fox's all butter brandy snaps that makes them such a great way to create unusual delicious desserts. When filled with cream or ice cream, then garnished with fruit, nuts or chocolate they are totally delectable. Why not try to create your own exciting unique desserts?

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