Can't have christmas dinner without yorkshires :) Just add Water and one Egg and they are ready to go in the Oven - Secret Trick Put 2 Eggs in and they rise really big just like Grandma used to make them..... Shhhhhh don't tell everyone Original yorkshire pudding mix made in YORKSHIRE !!!!!!
 Want your daily cuppa to be free from caffeine? Well, Yorkshire Decaffeinated Tea Bags are the ones for you! They’re just as full-flavoured as their standard tea bags; so much so, you’ll find it hard to tell the difference between the two
The Oxford Marmalade is inspired by the original Sarah Jane Coopers 1874 recipe, made using a dark seriously intense coarse cut Seville orange marmalade. Sure to appeal to the mature palate of the true marmalade connoisseur.By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturers of Jams & Spreads Histon Sweet Spreads Ltd Leeds
Gagging for a cuppa? Then reach for a Typhoo teabag.Perfect at any time of the day, these great tea bags always make a perfect cup of tea.And now that they come in this great pack of 240, you can keep brewing more delicious cups of tea before you run out!
Orange flavoured carbonated drink.  Taste explosion.
Scotts Porage Oats are quite simply the original and best porridge oats. These Scottish-milled oats make a hearty, wholesome porridge that will warm you up on those cold winter mornings. To prepare Scotts Porage Oats, add water (or milk if you prefer) and heat the mix on the stove. Add salt or sugar to your personal preference.

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