Twiglets have distinctive knobby shape and they are wheat-based snacks with a crunchy bit. The delicious taste of Twiglets are derived from the yeast extract.
Chicken paste with minced chicken and mechanically separated chicken. High in protein.  No artificial colours high in protein.
Foxs Glacier Mints are the all-natural, super cool, refreshing peppermints that are made with simple ingredients, the traditional way. Crafted with natural mint oils that have been boiled and cold-pressed, these delicious mints give your mouth an Arctic chill, and are sure to freshen your breath and cool your throat.
Our Rich & tangy Heinz Sandwich Pickle is finely diced so that it adds the perfect flavour to your favourite sandwich, panini, baguette or wrap!,
Christmas without Trifle wouldn't be christmas :) Birds Trifle Strawberry Serves 4 - 6 people.
Reassuringly filling chocolate snack, they are a great option if you have a long day ahead of you and need something to see you through until lunchtime.

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