For the ultimate comforting drink before bed, indulge in a lovely hot mug of Horlicks Malted Food Drink. Packed full of 14 nutrients, this powdered instant drink includes calcium, fibre, folic acid and a variety of vitamins. Mix 1 - 2 teaspoons with hot water and add a dash of milk for a blissful drink.
Who doesn't love these ....caramel tasting chocolate yum! Nestle Caramac Giant Buttons are the creamy, melt away, caramel confection in a thin disc shape that makes for a lusciously sweet treat. These smooth buttons are super irresistible, but are made with only all-natural ingredients, so they are fairly guilt-free. Perfect to snack on right ou...
The best way to enjoy our tasty tea: Simply infuse one teaspoon of tea in freshly boiled water and let it brew to your favourite strength. Add in a splash of milk if preferred. Mmm…
Going on a journey soon? Don’t forget to take Simpkins Sugar Free Mixed Fruit Travel Sweets with you to enjoy on the journey. These hard sweets are gluten and sugar free and come in a variety of fruity flavours, including lemon and strawberry.
This zingy Lemon and Lime Marmalade from Roses makes a tasty addition to a slice of toast.Made from citrus fruits, this fine-cut marmalade includes delicate shavings of fruit, for that extra bit of flavour and an interesting texture.
99.9% bacteria and viruses killed, odours eliminated, all day freshness.   MRS HINCH 

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