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Take a nostalgic trip down memory lane with us, as you stroll through our online store and see many of the goodies you thought you had left behind. Whilst we've been open for over 10 years, the UK Grocer developed into a fantastic brand by Lorraine Firth. In October 2019, Paul and Tracey Clark took over the business from Lorraine to carry on delivering an excellent service to the North Shore community and beyond.

In store, On-Line Courier Delivery Service or Click'n'Collect (May 2020)

Our objective is to be the “One Stop Shop” of branded British grocery products. Our emphasis is to supply you with a comprehensive range of UK foods and products at highly competitive prices.

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The UK Grocer began trading in 2002 under the name Bramptins and brought memories long forgotten to New Zealand. Originally located in Browns Bay, North Shore.


Business grows and more stores are opened across Auckland - Devonport, Orewa and Pakaranga.

2014 Orewa store closes.
2015 Pakaranga and Devonport stores close due to rent prices.
2016 - February Browns Bay store closes its doors for the final time.
2016 - March Lorraine purchased UKGrocer.co.nz and trading name Bramptins.co.nz. Trading as an online business only due to the cost of importing and rent made prices to customers increase beyond realistic means.

2017 - Sept








 October 2019                                                     August 2020        

With the support of the loyal customers, Lorraine re-opens a store at 48A Anzac Road, Brown's Bay.


Tracey and Paul Clark become the new owners of UK Grocer.



We moved to 1 Bute Road, Browns bay.