Atora Vegetable suet can be used in the same way as standard suet and taste every bit as good. Made from vegetable fats, Atora Vegetable contains no animal products and is thus extremely suitable for vegetarians.
Our balanced blend of II spices captured in oil for a deep, rich, authentic flavour.
Noodles in a Beef and Tomato flavour sauce with soya pieces vegetables and a little sachet of tomato sauce. Ready in 4 mins None of that artificial colours or preservatives stuff Suitable for vegetarians and Vegans.
It’s easy to create your much loved Asian dishes using this Black Bean Stir Fry Sauce, from Sharwoods, who are the experts in creating delicious Oriental Cuisine. This stir fry sauce has a rich, savoury taste, with authentic whole black beans. Try it with your choice of a “sizzling” meat and vegetables over noodles.
The king of snacks, Pot Noodle Bombay Bad Boy is packed with tasty noodles and vegetables in an incredibly Hot Curry flavoured sauce. There's even a little sachet of hot fire chilli sauce to add in if you're feeling brave. Easy to prepare, simply add boiling water and the contents of the sachet, give it all a stir and then grab a fork and dig in...
A great snack in an instant. Just add boiling water and enjoy.

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