Millions Apple tubes are packed with tiny chewy sweets with a crunchy shell and are seriously addictive. 
Millions have always been a firm favourite among kids, and now you can enjoy a tube of these sweeties in an tasty blackcurrant flavour. Delightfully irresistible, these chewy blackcurrant sweets are great for eating straight from the tube, for adding to party bags or including in your home baking.
Barratt Nougat Original is a traditional British confectionery delight comprising soft and chewy vanilla and raspberry nougat infused with tasty peanut pieces. This delicious bar of nougat is made with natural flavours and colours. Ingredients Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Beef Gelatine, Roasted Peanuts (3%), Desiccated Coconut, Cornflour, Flavourings, ...
Millions Cola are little chewy nuggets packed with juicy Cola flavour, waiting to burst into a chewy mass in your mouth. This delicious chew experience will transport you to the good old days. These tasty treats will make an exciting addition to any sweet selection.
For all those with a sweet tooth and a taste for nostalgic sweets, you must try Barratt Candyland Dip Dab. This hard boiled lolly comes with a sachet of zingy sherbet.Lick the strawberry lolly and then dip in the sherbet to give this sweet an extra kick!It's an old classic confectionery that adults and kids love!
A striped hard sweet with a soft chewy centre mint flavoured.

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