Mar*ite 250g British....Yes the Proper Stuff!!!

Mar*ite 250g    British....Yes the Proper Stuff!!!



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Love it or Hate it - But you still can't beat the English one : )

 Marm**e on toast is a unique & delicious breakfast, which helps make your mornings that little bit better! Marm**e yeast extract spreads easily on toast, providing a quick & simple breakfast solution for the whole family to enjoy. What’s more, Marm**e is rich in B vitamins and has no added sugar - what more could you want from a breakfast?! Spread Marm*te on toast, crumpets, bagels and a host of other foods.

You can even try Marm**e with eggs, avocados or cheese for an extra burst of flavour!

 It is usually only consumed in small quantities so if you have been including yeast extract in your gluten-free diet in the past it is highly unlikely that it will have been harmful. May 23, 2014

Rich in B Vitamins, Vegetarian, Halal Food Authority