Goldenfry Farmhouse Dumpling Mix 142g

Goldenfry Farmhouse Dumpling Mix 142g



A mix for Farmhouse Style Dumplings.

 Makes 8 dumplings in 20 minutes.

For perfect Dumplings every time, follow these simple steps:
Empty the contents into a mixing bowl
Gradually add 60-75ml (4-5 x 15ml tbsp.) cold water, mixing together with a fork until a firm but pliable dough is formed.
Using floured hands, divide the mixture and shape into 6 large dumpling balls or 8 small dumpling balls.
Place the dumpling balls on top of stews and casseroles, in the last 20-30 minutes of cooking, allowing room for them to rise and expand.
Cover the dish for soft, moist dumplings or bake in an uncovered dish for crustier dumplings.

Tasty Tips to Try!
Try cooking in a slow cooker, simply add the balls to a stew, on a high setting, for the last 30 minutes of cooking.



 No artificial flavours or preservatives.